Lilly Westbay
Cooper Wiens 
“The Choice Pass is a great way to reward kids for making the right choices,” Cooper shared. “The rewards and perks of being a Choice Pass holder are awesome. From a very inexpensive ski pass to discounts all over town, the Choice Pass is a great deal, no matter how you slice it.” 

“Also, all of the perks that come with the pass are great alternatives to drugs and alcohol,” he added.
“My favorite thing about the Choice Pass is all the opportunities it provides,” Lilly explained. “I love to go skiing, and I think it’s really great that the Choice Pass offers that to the kids of Gunnison, as well as many other interactive possibilities. This program offers a lot of chances to get involved, and I believe that’s a really important way to reach out to the youth.” 

“I had already made a pledge to myself before this Choice Pass to do so, but signing the Choice Pass pledge also serves as an amazing way to motivate those promises and pledges,” she continued. “Signing the pledge most definitely keeps people, including myself and my friends, drug free. It’s a responsibility and a motivation.”
Akyla Mazzuca
Caitlin De Compiegne
“What I like most about the Choice Pass is the discounted ski pass,” she offered. “I also like the discounts at Rumor’s coffee house and Majestic Theatres. I think that signing the drug-free pledge helps me and my friends stay drug and alcohol free because we all know the consequences. We try our hardest to stay away from those things, because most of us play school sports and want to be there for our team.”

“Signing up for the Choice Pass shows my commitment to maintaining a healthy body,” she explained. “I know that I can fall under peer pressure easily, so I like to keep myself busy with schoolwork and sports. I run cross country and track, and I play basketball.”
“What I like best about the Choice Pass is that it encourages students to stay drug free in a fun way, instead of just pounding us with facts and statistics,” Akyla said. “I think the pledge to stay drug and alcohol free is useful because it teaches students that self control is rewarded by positive things (in this case, free food or cheap ski passes). Personally, my favorite part of the Choice Pass is the discounted ski pass to CBMR.”